Paul Hoffman is a transformational musician, speaker, author and teacher. He has composed and produced music for internationally acclaimed speakers, bestselling authors, Fortune 500 corporations, films, television, commercials and radio for over 25 years, many of which have become fixtures of American culture. Paul is the CEO, Visionary and Chief Creative Officer of Success Creation Institute, LLC, Blue Music and Sound Design, Paul Hoffman Music, Inc. and Success Songs, LLC. He also created the Circles of Brilliance mastermind concept and facilitates personal empowerment trainings and inspirational meditations for Humanity Unites Brilliance. Merging music with enlightened consciousness to empower, Paul’s Success Songs music encourages and inspires thousands of people worldwide to elevate their minds and create powerful moments every day.


Paul Hoffman has lived a life most men can only dream of. He could go on for hours about life on the road with rock legends like Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and Blood, Sweat & Tears. With those rock ‘n’ roll years behind him, the former tour manager has gone from backstage to the studio, composing transformational songs that lure success in those who listen. But what does it take to market, grow, and scale such a business?  After all, there’s no manual for selling a mindset. The well-traveled entrepreneur — having amassed a wealth of knowledge in his colorful career — bared all on this episode of MODERN ONTRAPRENEUR with Landon Ray.


1:02 - How to Get Out of Your Own Way
Behind every good business is a thorough strategy.

3:56 - Tuning in: Mindset, Habits, Rituals
​​​​​​​Paul breaks down his fine-tuned daily success ritual.

8:44 - Stop Being the Bottleneck in Your Business
​​​​​​​Ways in which building a team has relieved Paul of menial tasks

15:02 - Due Diligence and Homework
​​​​​​​How any entrepreneurs shoot themselves in the foot when marching into uncharted territory

18:38 - “If I Could Do it Again... I’d be a Vet”
​​​​​​​Paul’s legacy and greatest takeaways as a roadie, musician, and modern entrepreneur


LR Welcome to MODERN ONTRAPRENEUR, today we have my friend Paul Hoffman who is the Chief Inspiration Officer of the Success Creation Institute and the visionary architect of Sculpting Your Life. Paul is an expert in the area of mindsets, habits, and daily rituals. He teaches you how to direct your mind and create mindsets of success so you sculpt the masterpiece known as you.
I like to have my hand in everything. And when I do that, nothing gets done - because I'm the bottleneck.
PH That's it, man.

LR That's it. Thanks for being here, man.

PH Awesome. Awesome. Thanks for having me.

LR Yeah. I just stopped you from saying something I wanted to hear, because the cameras weren't rolling yet. So tell me what you were going to say. You started by saying, "What's working for me is ..."

PH  Yeah. I'm building a new platform, as you had mentioned, it's called Sculpting your life. I've done a lot of work not only on myself but with people and my clients that are all over the world, really zeroing in on what is the number one thing that they're not doing to have success in their life. Okay? Usually, the number one thing that people are not doing is they get in their own way. People always will make an excuse, let's say, Landon, okay, or procrastinate. If you can learn how to get out of your own way, shift your thinking. I'm working on a book, it's called, Your Mind Has a Mind of its Own, right? Which is true, right?

There's always two conversations going on all the time. There's this guy over here, I'm a rightie, so there's this guy over here who's my positive mindset, right? Who's always telling me I'm enough, I know enough, if I don't know it, I can find out, all I got to do is stay in action. And there's this other guy over here which says, "I’m not enough, who do you think you are, you don't know the right people, you don't have enough money. So what do you think ... Why are you even trying?" Right? So obviously, I choose to listen to this guy. I really have had nutted it down to really starting out in all my work with people and all my programs about really teaching people how to get out of their own way.

A good example of this would be is, there's always three parts to an action, okay? So there's part A, which is the idea, the thought, whatever it might be. And then I'll go to Part C, which is the result or the action. B is the most important part of the whole thing, because what happens is, say you're going to ... People say to themselves, "I want to lose 10 pounds." The next thought that comes in their mind is either, "Oh, how am I going to do that?" Or, "I don't know how to do that," and they'll never do it. Or the next thing that I tell people to do is when you come up with the thought and you come up with an idea just say to yourself what do I need to do to make it happen? So I want it to be on ONTRAPORT, because I love you guys, and I love that platform. We met in Yandex World, right?

LR Oh, yeah.

PH Yeah. I took the action to try to meet you and Lena because I wanted to know you guys and know why you did this and understand what the platform is. So again, it's always about ask yourself the question, what do I need to do to make it happen? And if you ask yourself that question then at least you have a fighting chance, if you will, to create something in your life.

LR Yeah. So you've created something.
PH And it's called Sculpting Your Life.

LR And it's working?

PH It's working. It's all about mindset, habits, and rituals. So it's about creating the right mindset, it's about having the right habits, and it's about having a daily success ritual. I have a daily success ritual. I get up in the morning, and I do the same thing every day, all right? It takes me about an hour and a half. Whoa, okay. But it’s very comprehensive, and it's very, very targeted, and it involves a bunch of different stuff around health, around mindset, around gratitude, around joy and happiness. I do it every day because it sets me up for success. And if I don't do it I feel like ... Can I curse?

LR Yes.

PH  I feel like shit. But the whole Sculpting Your Life thing is really the metaphor is when Michelangelo looked at the block of granite he saw David, and all he did was take everything that was in the way out of the way, and there's David. We are conditioned as human beings. This human experience, we're conditioned by a lot of things in our life. When we were young somebody said, taught us the word "no". When we have our childlike enthusiasm going on, then we'll try anything. I’m a big risk taker, because I’m not afraid to fail, because I know that I learn if I fail. Now, I don't want to fail too many times, don't get me wrong, but making a mistake is okay. A lot of people are in fear about that. I use fear to motivate me.


But the whole idea of being able to get out of your own way and really, really ... I have a process called tuning in. Tuning in is really activating what's already here. Because we already have everything we need, man. You, who are a unique human being, nobody is like you, there's only one Landon, and there's only one guy that has all your unique capabilities. There's only one me, there's only ... That's why there's two ... No snowflake is the same, no raindrop is the same. So I’m all about really getting people to tune into who you really, really are, what really makes you tick and really activate it, because life is an inside job. You've heard that?

LR Mm-hmm (affirmative).

PH  There ain't nothing out here that is going to make me happy, trust me. Nothing out here is going to make me happy unless I’m happy inside. I’m never going to find love out here unless I love myself. So everything emanates from within you, and if you understand that, then you'll take the time to cultivate that and make that work for you. Sculpting Your Life is all about that, man, it's all about ... Because I say, "Mindset, habits, and rituals," and it's about doing things every day that can make you successful. It's not about doing the to-do list of 20 things, because I don't know if you ... For me, I look at the to-do list of 20 things, I get tired. I’m not going to do 20 things a day. I do three things a day, man.


I have a chief aim, it's called the chief aim. I have 30 day goals that I do, but I call them chief aims, because I’m all about trying to re-language things. And I make sure that I do three things a day to get to that chief aim. Period. And if I do them well, great, and if I don't, but at least do them, at least I’m in action. Because when most people review their day ... And I have a program called Day Sculpting, which is a 90-day program, it's part of the whole Sculpting Your Life thing. It's a 90 day program that teaches you how to create success one day at a time by actually focusing on today, and it's a really, really comprehensive process, it takes about 30 minutes a day broken over morning, midday, and afternoon, but it'll get you into a success mindset, and it'll get you to stay there. But if you don't give yourself the opportunity or the chance, then you're shooting blanks, man.

LR You're growing this business, and that's always a process, right?

PH Absolutely.

LR So always ongoing. What is kind of the cutting edge for you right now in that business? What's working to grow this, or to use your perspective, what is it you're getting out of the way right now to cause your business to be more successful?

PH  Well, what I’m focusing on now is two things obviously. One is all the content, and how I want to deliver the content through videos, webinars, and emailing, which obviously at this point ... I mean, emails is okay, but we've got to develop new ways of engagement. So it's all about engagement. It's really about getting people to want to consume what I have. That's my focus. Then the other thing that I’m working on right now is building out my team. Really, I've just hired a couple of new tech guys who are really smart on social media stuff, Facebook ads, cold traffic, bought traffic, and really focusing on ways to reach people, because my business in the past was a lot of affiliate based. So what I’m focused on is the content piece for me, obviously, and then also being able to have my team, my support team allow me to do what I’m good at. Because I’m one of those kind of guys that I like to put my hands in everything, and when I do that, nothing gets done, because I’m the bottleneck, man. My team can't do what they do unless I give them the content to do it.


So focused on putting the team together, focused on getting really smart people that are learning or that are doing things that are cutting edge now with the regards to getting traffic, delivery methods, cutting edge video things, and just really understanding me and what my message is and who I am, and really putting together the right engagement formula so I can just step in and do my shit, man. It's not always going to be perfect but I like that, because some of my videos are just not perfect, man. I leave all my mistakes in, because it's human, man. I don't lie. I mean, I lied a little bit, but I go out on my deck and have my cats run by and shit, man, just to have fun. So that's kind of what I’m focused on, because, again, I think I’m one of those guys, Landon, that ... I’m like a rebel, man. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, don't get me wrong. But I’m a rebel, man, and I don't want to go down the road where everybody's ... Here, you've got to do that. No, no, no, I want to do this. I don't know what that is yet, but I want to do that, because everybody's doing that.

It's like a launch, man, when you do a launch and ... I support some launches, and I’m getting ready to do one, I think, in September, I’m not sure if I’m going to do it or not. we'll see. But the whole idea of when you email for a launch, you've got 30 people sending the same email out. So what’s different than that? I mean, so I want to try to figure out ways to do things that can get my stuff out in the broadest way possible, but not being the norm, if you will. Again, so, I say, and I mean, I’m the first to admit it, I don't know what that is sometimes, but I don't really care what it is. Because you know what I ask myself? What do I need to do to make it happen. And I just find the right freaking people, man, because I don't know everything, and I don't want to know everything. I just want to be able to do what I do and to transform lives, because I look at business as a three-part formula.

One is I want to deliver great content. Two, I want to transform lives, because the planet needs to be transformed. I’m not talking politics, I’m just talking, we need high vibration conscious people out here, like you, like all the people that work for, hopefully me and people that work for me, and all the people that I associate with. But we need high vibration people, man. So I want to transform lives, so that people can think in those ways. So that every day they're looking at delivering and being in their highest potential. And three, I'll make money. If I do one and two really well ...

LR  Three works out.
PH  It's going to happen, man. Whereas there's some people, and I’m not trying to judge, I always say, if I’m going to judge, that if I’m going to say, this a judgment and I own it, but some people, man, they think about money. Then you buy their product, no customer support, you can't get in touch with them, hey, thanks for the money, see you later. That's a little stigma in the internet marketing or information business, if you will. The truth of the matter is, man, if you can empower and motivate whoever you work with, who's ever on your team, your customers, that's a freaking great energy, man. That can go out into the world and do good stuff.

LR Absolutely. If you could go back and give yourself ... You've had a crazy career. We don't have time to get into the whole story, but I’m sure it's probably online somewhere.

PH Or a police report, maybe, I don't know, whatever.
LR Or a police report, for sure. Or many.

PH Hey.

LR But past all that stuff, when you started this kind of realm of business life, if you could go back to the beginning of that phase of your life and give yourself a piece of advice, what would it be?

PH Be smarter, man.

LR Be smarter. [crosstalk 00:14:39]

PH  Because I would have done my homework a little bit better. I would have done a little bit more due diligence. Again, as I said earlier, I’m a risk taker, so that's a little bit conflicting, if you will. I would have started ... I mean, you're asking me what would I've done maybe differently.

LR Yeah, like what is the mistake that you'd like that person to have avoided?

PH Yeah. I think the mistake for me would have been in that I should have maybe given myself a little bit more time to learn some of the fundamentals that I needed to know in order to have where I am today. Because I really believe it's important for anybody who's in business, or anybody that's successful, whatever, to really know why you're doing what you're doing. I kind of just jumped into this stuff.

LR You just [crosstalk 00:15:42].
PH [crosstalk 00:15:43] why I was, hey, man, I want people to have fun, whatever, I don't know, but I just kind of jumped in. The first few years were kind of interesting, because I kind of floundered. What I mean by that is I didn't really have the focus that I needed to be able to really have a clear message on what it is that I wanted to do. So it's kind of like the shiny penny, man. We all have that shiny penny or the butterfly. The good news is I know how to control that now. I’m still an idea guy. My team tells me, "Great idea, man, we'll do that in six months." You know what I mean? We can't do that right now, because we're doing this. But I’m still an idea guy. I would have learned to have a little bit more focus which would then have helped my team really be more directed at what I do.

LR Yeah. And what happened when you ... It sounds like you said a couple of years of floundering, and then probably something shifted, and then you've taken off since then. What was the shift that happened?

PH The shift was I really got clear about what I wanted to do.

LR How did that happen? I mean, [crosstalk 00:16:52]

PH  I just got clear, man, just by continuing to look at ...

LR You've had enough of failure.

PH Yeah. I review everything I do, man. I’m one of those kind of guys. At the end of every day, man, it's part of my Day Sculpting program, is I look at my day, and I check into what I call the highlights and insights. A highlight in my day is something I've done really, really well. An insight is something I need to make into a highlight. Every day I do that ... Now, most people when they review their day, and I would say most people do review their day, whether they know it or not, but most people review their day, and what they look into, or what they check into, or what they bring forth is what they didn't do. That's a negative state of mind already, man. Oh, I didn't do that. Yeah, but what did you do?


So I’m always giving my clients ... From my high end coaching, lots of money coaching, to people that pay me 97 bucks for a product, I tell them the same freaking thing, man, it's all about celebrating your wins, man. Success, it's not a sprint, man, it's a journey. Everyday you've got to build on something. Today I got 1,000 people to opt-in, whatever. That's freaking awesome. Now, those 1,000 people I get to engage with or whatever, tomorrow ... Whatever it is, look at all the good shit, man. Look at all the good stuff that you do, even if it's this big, and just go like this, man, "Hey, good job." Because the more you do that, the more, man, you want more of it. Because most people are sitting there at the end of the day going, "Man, how do I get out of this?" You get out of this by getting out of your own freaking way, man.

LR Yeah, that's it. So what would you like your legacy to be at the end of all this, this crazy ride that you've been on?

PH That I was able to at least transform one life into something that was magnificent for a person, man. At the end of the day I want people to say, "That Hoffman guy, man. He cared, he cared about us. He cared about me and what I do." And that's really my ... That's what makes me happy, man, that's just what gives me juice to continue to keep doing it, man. Because it ain't about me, man. I’m just a vehicle, I’m the messenger. It comes down, I get it, I deliver it. It's not like I’m doing anything that's breakthrough stuff, I didn't invent anything. I’m talking about the same shit that a lot of people are talking about, I just talk about it the way I talk about it. If that works for you, let's ride, man, let's have some fun. So I just want to make sure ... I want that to be my legacy.

LR Good.
PH But if I could do it again, man, I'll tell you, if I could do it again, man, I probably wouldn't be sitting here with you, and I probably wouldn't be in this world. I'd be a vet, bro.

LR A vet?

PH Yeah, I’m an animal lover, man. I love ... I get so much ... Animals give you unconditional love, man. I learned so much from my animals, man. They hang with me, they're around me if I’m writing a song or I’m working on one of my brain technologies or whatever it is, man, or I’m writing, I mean, their energy, man, is just freaking awesome. I just love animals, man. If I could do it again, I'd be a vet. I'd be a personal development vet.

LR What does it mean to be a modern entrepreneur? How do you think things have changed?

PH  Well, I think things have changed ... Well, first of all, it’s the speed of information. I mean, we didn't have this, 10 years ago. You didn't really ... You might've had a phone that was this big.
LR Yeah. 10, 17, 7, yeah. Oh, yeah.

PH  But speed of information. Engagement, I think is one of the big things that a modern entrepreneur has to do. I mean, you go to like YouTube and all these channels where people are doing some really amazing things. So I think one of the biggest, biggest wins for anybody that wants to be a modern entrepreneur is to realize that you can walk out of this room and create something that millions of people could see.

LR Yeah, the possibility.

PH  Like that. And if it's good, then you're off to the races, man. If you get stuck, and it's like I was talking about, email is not the only way to do it anymore, bro, as you well know. There's how can I touch people, because some people like email, some people like Facebook, some people like Snapchat, some people like Pinterest, some people like Instagram, some people don't even want to talk to you, some people like webinars. There's a kaleidoscope of ways to connect to somebody.


But at the end of the day to be a modern entrepreneur, I don't care what it is, I don't care if you're selling T-shirts or you're selling $100,000 masterminds, whatever it is, the glue to the whole thing is the one-on-one engagement to somebody, so somebody could look at you and go, "Yeah, man, I want what that guy has, and I trust him, and I want to learn more." I think if you can really focus and keep in on that ... No, it's not going to always work all the time, but if you can focus in on that that's how it's going to work, man. Because, again, the world is starving for great information, for ways that people can really become more and more of who they truly are. Because you got to be you, man, because everybody else is taken.

LR That's right. On that note, thank you so much for being here. You're awesome, Paul.

PH  Thank you for having me, man. I love you, bro, you're an amazing guy, man. Thank you so much for starting this, man. Awesome.

LR Will you sign my wall?

PH Absolutely.

LR Cool